Contact Dupe Mgr for Microsoft® Outlook® '2002-'2019 (32 bit)

Discontinued effective 2019/1/1

Existing customers will be able to download the last version

until Dec. 31, 2019

Full featured duplicate contact remover

Remove Outlook/Exch contact duplicates selecting any field(s) as duplicate criteria. Custom forms/fields fully supported - scan for duplicates within a specific message class or all message classes found in folder. Designate contact priority by CreationTime or LastModification dates. Preview duplicates prior to update or process automatically. Scan single or multiple folders. Delete or move duplicates to designated folder. Manually or auto-merge field information from duplicates into primary contact. Over-ride any inidividual contact keep/delete status prior to updating. Review modify individual primary contact information in Outlook view during Preview process. Save settings for future recall.

  • Custom FIeld Support
  • Update Pre-Existing COntacts
  • Message Class Selection
  • Multiple Import Options
  • Multiple Update Options
  • Save Last Criteria
  • Command Line Support

Note: All ContactGenie <Eval> downloads are <Full Version> products limited only by the number of items processed until registered. Any program of interest should be downloaded and tested on the intended target system prior to any purchase.

Dupe Contact Manager Features
1 Standard and user-defined fields Select almost any standard or user-defined field(s) to specify duplicate criteria
2 Single/Multiple folders Scan single or multiple contact folders to extract duplicates
3 Use any contact folder Select any Outlook PST, Exchange Mailbox and Public folder(s)
4 Message Class Selection Select message class to be scanned or <all> contacts in selected folders
5 Full Preview Mode Review all contacts selected as duplicates prior to any action being taken
6 Specify priority Preview/Remove duplicates based on specified priority (Primary Folder, oldest creation date, newest creation date or last modified date)
7 Compare duplicates Review complete contact details between primary contact and designated duplicates via either ContactGenie Dupe Manager summary format or Outlook detail view
8 Apply individual changes Modify any individual contact field directly via Outlook detail view or from DCM preview display
9 Merge fields Manually merge individual field data with drag and drop ease
10 Override any proposed action Remove any contact item designated as a duplicate prior to any action being taken
11 Move or delete Duplicates can be moved to another folder or deleted
12 Preview mode Select between auto mode (immediate processing) or preview mode