Contact Export for Microsoft® Outlook® '2002-'2016 (32 bit)

Discontinued as of 2017.3.15

Contact Export - Simple - Fast - Powerful - Feature Rich

Export any contact folder (local, Shared, Exchange, public). Export Global Address List (GAL) and Global Distribution Groups (GDG). Output text format control for date, number, and currency fields. Strip alpha fax prefixes on export without affecting Outlook data. Supports custom fields, multi-folders, multi-lingual field names, standardized CompanyName, FileAs, EmailDisplayAs output values. Export individual street address lines. Create unlimited re-usable export templates allowing scheduled unattended command-line operation. Ability to create custom output field names output sequence on export.

  • Custom FIeld Support
  • Export Contact Groups
  • Export multiple folders
  • Standardize Output
  • Export Exch GAL and Groups
  • Unlimited Export templates
  • Command Line Support
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Exporter Features
1 Export all contact types Contact folders (PST, Exchange Mailbox, Public Folders), GAL, Global Dist Groups and Personal Distribution Groups (name and email only)
2 Custom form/field support Full support for custom forms and fields
3 Single or multiple folders Select multiple contact flders for export in a single operation (Multiple Exch folder Prem Ed only)
4 Message Class Selection Export contacts items based on any message class found in the contact folder whether or not assigned as the default
5 Actual or SMTP email addresses Export either actual email address (for Exchange based contacts), SMTP address or both
6 Large field support Export fields > 255 characters
7 Clean fax numbers Optionally strip FAX prefixes used to hide numbers from Outlook Address Book (does not alter values stored in Outlook)
8 Standardize company names Export standardized company names starting/ending with <The, Le, La, El)
9 Custom export field names Assign custom user-defined field names to exported fields
10 Control export field sequence Select output export field sequence with drag and drop simplicity
11 Export text field formats Set custom field formats (dates and numbers) when exporting to text files
12 Create unlimited templates Create unlimited number of templates for repetitive export requirements
13 Command Line Support Run any existing template via commandline for unattended scheduled operation
14 Multilingual Field Names Work with Outlook field names in any of 9 languages