ContactGenie Import Overview

Importing at a glance

Display/import Outlook field names using one of 9 languages

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Feature Description Outlook DataPort
Import from text files, MS Access, MS Excel
Import to custom forms/user-defined fields in standard forms X
Select Msg Class to be used for new contacts X
Auto-create user-defined fields X
Update pre-existing contacts X
<Add if New> option in update mode X
<Delete if No Match> in update mode (delete contacts from destination folder if not found in source data file X
Update contacts <only> if one or more fields included in field map have diffferent values between contact folder and source file being imported X
Multi-lingual support for mapping Outlook <DisplayAs> or use internal Outlook names X
Multi-part phone numbers X
Filter input data source X
Standardize Company Names X
Standardized <FullName>, <FileAs> and <Email#DisplayAs> fields X
<Add only> mode with pre-import delete option X
Append/replace keyword values  X
Define update action for blank/null value fields X
Export to CSV, Tab, Custom Delim, MS Access (2000-2019), MS Excel (2000-2019) support X
Create re-usable import/export criteria templates X
Run in scheduled unattended mode via command line operation X