Contact Export for Microsoft® Outlook® '2002-'2016 (32 bit)
Constant Contact® Edition

Quickly Create Contact CSV File for Upload to Constant Contact

Export any contact folder or contact group quickly and easily using automatically assigned Constant Contact field names eliminating the need to map fields a second time when adding contacts to your Constant Contact lists.

Specifically designed for Constant Contact customers who need to include custom field information, export Outlook contact information for Constant Constant on a recurring basis, export clean Outlook contact group lists, and/or filter specific contacts from large contact folders without the need of multiple intermediate steps.

  • Export any contact folder
  • Custom Form Support
  • Custom FIeld Support
  • Unlimited Export templates
  • 1-click CC field mapping
  • Export Outlook Contact Groups
  • Full Contact Details for Group Contacts
Note: While the primary focus of this program is on the creation of a CSV file for Constant Contact users, it may also be useful and of interest to those who need to export Outlook contact data. If the principle requirement is exporting Outlook user-defined data, CCX would be a viable and inexpensive export tool. The primary differences between this and other ContactGenie programs with export functionality are:
  • No Exchange GAL support
  • No multilingual support
  • Not all Outlook fields are available for export
  • No export data standardization options
  • Only CSV output file format supported
  • No manual customization of output field names
  • No command-line support
Export - Constant Contact Ed. Features
1 Export any contact folders Contact folders (PST, Exchange Mailbox, Public Folders), GAL, Global Dist Groups and Personal Distribution Groups (name and email only)
2 Custom form/field support Full support for custom forms and fields
3 Message Class Selection Export contacts items based on any message class found in the contact folder whether or not assigned as the default
4 Export Contact Groups Export Contact Group (Distribution List) members including all fields for members saved as resolved contact items
5 Select contacts to export Apply a filter criteria to select specific groups of contacts using any Outlook standard or user-defined field(s)
6 Export SMTP email addresses Always export SMTP email address for Exchange based contacts
7 CC Field auto-mapping Outlook fields auto-mapped to Constant Contact field names whenever possible including default fields when multiple options availanle
8 Manage CC fields - standard Á custom Remove unused CC field from field mapping options for faster mapping process
9 Custom export field names Assign custom user-defined field names to exported fields
10 Create unlimited templates Create unlimited number of templates for repetitive export requirements
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