QuickPort for Microsoft® Outlook® '2003-'2019 (32 bit)

Discontinued effective 2019/1/1

Contact Import/Export - Fast - Simple - Powerful

Feature rich personal contact import/export tool for Microsoft Outlook with full support for custom forms/fields in PST, Exchange Mailbox, or Exchange public folders. Ability to either add only or update pre-existing contacts using one or more user-selected fields as update keys. Standardize primary field formats such as FileAs, EmailDisplayName and FullName. Save import/export criteria for repeated use with command line support.

  • Custom FIeld Support
  • Update Pre-Existing COntacts
  • Message Class Selection
  • Multiple Import Options
  • Multiple Update Options
  • Save Last Criteria
  • Command Line Support
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QuickPort Features
1 Import To Any contact folder that appears in the Outlook folder list (PST, Exchange Mailbox, Public Folders) including Outlook.com EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) contact folders
2 Export From
  • Any contact folder that appears in the Outlook folder list (PST, Exchange Mailbox, Public Folders, EAS)
  • GAL (Global Address List) Users & Contacts (requires active Exchange connection)
  • Global Distribution Group Members (requires active Exchange connection
3 Import From/
Export To
  • CSV, Tab, Space, Semi-Colon, Custom delimited text files
  • MS Access .mdb/.accdb files
  • MS Excel .xls/ .xlsx worksheets
4 Message Class Selection Import & export contacts items based on any message class found in the contact folder whether or not assigned as the default
5 Custom form support Import & export based on message class (custom form) selection
6 User-defined field support Import & export to/from any user-defined fields part of the folder UDF group or custom form
7 Multiple Import Options <Add Only - Allow Dupes> - all contacts will be added to the folder
<Add Only - Ignore Dupes> - bypass import records in input file that already exist in folder
<Add Only - Delete Dupes> - delete all contact dupes in folder and replace with input data
<Delete Only> - matching contacts will be deleted from folder
<Update> - replace field values in pre-existing contact items
8 Multiple Update Options <Add New Only> - only add  new contact items
<Add if new> - add contact if new else ignore
9 Standardized Fields Standardize fields for both import/export:
<CompanyName>, <FileAs>, <FullName>, <EmailDisplayAs>
10 Keyword Field Support Append to or replace keyword field values
11 Custom export field names Assign custom user-defined field names to exported fields
12 Control export field sequence Select output export field sequence with drag and drop simplicity
13 Save <Last> Import/Export Optionally save criteria for last import and export criteria (requires import or export to be successfully run prior to saving template)
14 Command Line Support Run <Last Saved Import> and <Last Saved Export> in command line mode via any task scheduler for scheduled unattended operation
15 Multilingual Field Names Work with Outlook field names in any of 9 languages