Contact Toolkit for Microsoft® Outlook® '2002-'2019 (32 bit)

Discontinued effective 2019/1/1


30+ contact data functions in 8 categories

Manage both standard and user-defined field data with full preview and ability to override any pending change prior to update. Field manipulation functions include clear, paste, find & replace, change text case, trim field, change company name and address. Data transfer functions include move, copy and switch field data. Standardization functions for MessageClass, CompanyName, FileAs, EmailDisplayAs, Fullname, and SelectedMailingAddress fields. Export contact data to CSV text file. User-defined field functions to rename custom field names and manage orphan user-defined fields at the contact item level. Easily apply global changes to CompanyName, Company Address, Email and Web domain name changes. Quickly review field usage density for all standard and custom fields. Filter contacts to only apply changes to a specific group. All pending updates can be saved to a CSV file.

  • Custom FIeld Support
  • Easily standardize field values
  • Message Class Selection
  • Move/copy field data
  • Apply global changes
  • Manage user-defined fields
  • Preview changes before update

Note: All ContactGenie <Eval> downloads are <Full Version> products limited only by the number of items processed until registered. Any program of interest should be downloaded and tested on the intended target system prior to any purchase.

Toolkit Features
1 PST & Exchange PST and Exchange private and public folder support including EAS contact folders and PST file not in profile
2 Custom Form Support Process changes based on specific custom form for changes to custom fields or apply changes universally to any standard field regardless of message class
3 User-defined Field Support Support for user-defined fields defined at the folder level for contacts using standard contact form
4 Filter contacts Change only the contacts you want - select by Message Class and/or multi-field global filter settings
5 Preview mode Preview all proposed changes prior to update
6 Keyword field support Append to or replace keyword field values
7 Change Message Class Change message class for existing contacts and/or copy/move/delete selected contacts (FREE - No purchase required for this capability)
8 Save changes Save pending changes to CSV file for independent processing (CSV file includes long-term EntryID)
9 Field usage density Quickly view summary of field usage density for both standard and custom fields
Toolkit Functions
1 Calendar functions
  1. Add Anniversary to Calendar
  2. Add Birthday to Calendar
  3. Add any User-defined field date to calendar
2 Change field data
  1. Clear any field value
  2. Paste field value
  3. Find & replace value
  4. Change text case
  5. Trim field (spaces and size)
3 Global Company Name & Address changes
  1. Change company name (with fuzzy search)
  2. Change company address
  3. Transpose company name
4 Global Email/Web domain change
  1. Change email domains (all or part)
  2. Auto-update Email Display Name
  3. Change web domain (all or part)
  4. Create Web URL from an Email Address domain
5 Standardize field data
  1. Change Message Class FREE
  2. Standardize Full Name (9 pre-defined formats)
  3. Standardize FileAs (11 pre-defined formats)
  4. Standardize Email Display Name (5 formats)
  5. Add/remove fax prefix (Bus/Home/Other)
  6. Set default Mailing Address
6 Personal Distribution Group Options
  1. Create new PDL from contacts in selected folder
  2. Assign new category to PDL contact members
  3. Bulk remove email addresses from one or more Personal Distribution Lists
7 Transfer data between fields
  1. Copy field data
  2. Move field data
  3. Switch field data
8 Take control of user-defined fields
  1. Rename user-defined fields
  2. Globally delete user-defined fields
  3. Add orphan user-defined fields to folder
  4. Remove orphan user-defined fields